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Concrete repair, foundation repair, concrete raising, mudjacking, digging out basements, basement repair, wall straightening, underpinning, compaction piers, helical piers, pressure grouting, slabjack, concrete lifting. 

Serving residential and commercial customers in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, and Utah.


Don’t replace good concrete!

You don’t have to replace good concrete just because it has settled! Now you can have it raised back to grade by Mr. Lifter’s. We use the Mud-Jack method to lift settled concrete slabs. This process is accomplished by drilling small holes in the concrete and injecting a slurry under the concrete to raise it back to it’s original level. This process is usually HALF THE COST OF REPLACEMENT and ONLY A FRACTION OF DOWN TIME!


  • sidewalks

  • driveways

  • steps

  • patios

  • garage floors

  • pool decks

  • highways

  • basements

  • warehouse floors

  • bridges

  • curbs

  • ramps

This concrete slab has dropped several inches, exposing the wood structure on the house. To raise the slab, holes are drilled in strategic locations. Then a slurry is prepared and pumped into the holes until the slab is raised to the desired level.

Avoid costly court room expense and legal fees!

If someone were to trip and fall because of a raised or sunken concrete slab on your sidewalk, they could sue for damages. Actual cases have cost homeowners and their insurance companies thousands of dollars. These claims usually are settled for $30,000 to $40,000. You can avoid being at risk by having your sidewalks and steps raised to proper grade.