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Concrete repair, foundation repair, concrete raising, mudjacking, digging out basements, basement repair, wall straightening, underpinning, compaction piers, helical piers, pressure grouting, slabjack, concrete lifting. 

Serving residential and commercial customers in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, and Utah.


Nothing can cause a homeowner more concern than a settling foundation. First you see small cracks in the sheetrock, then windows and doors won’t close properly or bind, then you notice cracks and separations in the exterior walls.

Now these problems can be corrected by Mr. Lifter’s. We can raise your home to the original level and close most cracks. Mr. Lifter’s utilizes both Compaction Pier and Helical Pier* methods. These piers are placed under existing footings and then raised. This process is cost effective and provides a solution for settled foundations. If you have signs of settling foundations, call today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

*Authorized PierTech® dealer.